On March 11, 2016, Lama Ngawang Kunga La, Khenpo Tashi La, Mr. Rijal, Mr. Tara (Jeep driver) and Narmaya Gurung (local lady from Laprak, Gorkha) headed early at 7:00 AM from Pokhara to ‘Laprak’ (a village which was damaged massively by the devastating earthquake in Nepal) in search of those needy children who have lost both or one of their parent.

Resettled place of Laprak people after the destructive earthquake, (New Laprak)

I would like to remind you about a decision made together from Great Compassion Boarding School  founder/principal Lama Ngawang Kunga La and the chair person of Himalaya’s Children foundation  Switzerland, Mrs. Elisabeth Erne, regarding A LONG TERM SUPPORT TO EARTHQUAKE VICTIM  ORPHANS ON THEIR EDUCATION.

Considering the decision made some months before and the new academic session in Nepal schools coming nearer, we had to step further practically than to be limited on paper works. We went to visit this village to find such genuine and true orphans.

Laprak village, 2 hours steep down from the resettlement place

The village ‘Laprak’ is about 160 K.M. far from Pokhara city and in about 2600 meter of altitude with north-east landscape. The high range of Snow Mountains can be seen in a distance from this place and we have to cross 2775 meter high pass to visit from Barpak to Laprak. For our group, it took 8 hours drive to reach there in the place where the people of Laprak are resettled. Luckily, we can use vehicles for some months after melting the winter snow and before rainy season. From this resettled place, it takes about 2 hours steep down walk to visit the real Laprak village. We reached there around 5:00 PM. and visited some families and children for about 2 hours. Narmaya Gurung worked well as a guide for us to find the family and children who are under our criteria. After visiting different families, we went to our guide Narmaya’s house. There, her mother in law offered us tea and fried Soya bean. After that it was getting dark and Lama La fixed a small lodge for rest managed somehow for the guests in this village. It was 9:30 P.M., we had a very delicious dinner rice, dal, potato and meat then we went for sleep in another room. Next day on Saturday, we woke up early at 6:00 A.M. and after completing the daily sanitation, we took a cup of coffee and set out for the resettlement of Laprak. The village people were informed already about Lama La’s arrival and were ready for a meeting when our group reaches over there. Public figures of the village and the families who were in a hope of getting our response have gathered we saw. The meeting went about one and half hours and from both sides many more issues were put on discussion. The village people had seen very happy listening to Lama La. Barpak village Debris of a house Entrance of Laprak Place for worship Mandre village

A family of Maya Gurung with Lama Ngawang Kunga La, she has lost her husband.

Finally, we came to know that the orphan children who have an approach have already settled through different individual or institutional endeavors. But the ones, who have neither any relative who is able to find such possibilities nor any supportive organization that could acknowledge them, are remaining. After knowing the truth, Lama La felt very happy by heart and shared some hopes with such ignored families and children. We started listing down the names and possible details from these families and we found 17 such children from this village. There are other villages in about 8/9 hours walking distance where the condition of earthquake victims is more heartrending. These rural villages are: Bhirkuna, Kerauja, Kasi Gaun, Runchet and Khani Gaun etc which are out of motor tracks and have very little cultivation area. Most of the helping institutions have gone in ‘easy available’ markets but not in such inaccessible remote villages. So, our second step would be to find children from these villages and provide them an opportunity for modern education.

An area where local school looks fully damaged in the south corner of Laprak village.

A warm hospitality shown from the villagers in resettlement place, Laprak.

Anyway, Laprak village people felt very intimate ethnically to our group and gave a warm hospitality during our stay in both Laprak village and it’s resettlement place. We have no confusion if the support needs is firstly to those earthquake victims in comparison to other children. After having lunch in this resettlement place we departed around 11:30 towards Pokhara. Mr. Rijal would like to thank Lama La for an opportunity of visiting this village as an assistant and also for the chance to write a short report about the trip.

Thank you!